Ehrenfels Castle ruins stand testament of time along Rhein River

Ehrenfels Castle.jpg

Photo by Kevin S. Abel

The Ehrenfels Castle formed together with the Mauseturm and the Klopp Castle a northward barrier since the 13th Century, in order to protect the territory of the archbishop of Mainz.

In the Middle Ages it was strategically of greatest importance because of its favorable location above the Binger Loch. It was as toll station, an important pecuniary resource for the bishops and the church.

The castle, which was used in times of war as a hiding place for the cathedral treasury of Aachen, was extensively destroyed in 1689.

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Lava Fire – Photography

7680420602_9687b47d89_bPhoto by Kevin S. Abel

The Lava Fire was a wildfire that burned over 21,500 acres of Oregon rangeland during the summer of 2012. The fire began on 23 July 2012, the result of a lightning strike. The fire consumed rangeland vegetation and scrub forest located in and around lava beds in northern Lake County. The burned area was on public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management including a large area within a wilderness study area. Firefighters battled the blaze for over three weeks. At the peak of the firefighting effort, there were over 275 personnel working on the fire.

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Time travel through Glorieta Pass

Photo by Kevin S. Abel

In the midst of piñon, juniper, and ponderosa pine woodlands in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains not far from Santa Fe, the remains of Indian pueblos stand as meaningful reminders of people who once prevailed here. Now a national historical park demonstrates to modern visitors the cultural exchange and geographic facets central to the rich history of the Pecos Valley.

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