United States Army celebrates 240th birthday with tradition

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The United States Army as we know it today was founded June 14, 1775, when the First Continental Congress OK’d the enlistment of soldiers to serve the united American colonies.

United States Army Garrison Fort Hamilton will host a Retreat Ceremony June 11,2015 at 4 p.m. in honor of the United States Army’s 240th Birthday.

Beating Retreat is a military ceremony dating to 16th century England and was first used to recall nearby patrolling units to their castle.  Originally it was known as watch setting and was initiated at sunset by the firing of a single round from the evening gun.

Today the retreat ceremony serves a two fold purpose. It signals the end of the official duty day and serves as a ceremony for paying respect to the national colors.

The ceremonies of Retreat in the afternoon, coupled with Reveille in the morning, constitute a dignified homage to our national colors from its raising to its lowering.

The bugle call sounded at Retreat dates back to the crusades and was first used by the French Army.

When you hear it, you are listening to a melody that has come to symbolize the finest qualities of Soldiers.

In honor of the Army’s 240th birthday, the New York Fire Department Pipes and Drums will perform in the celebration.

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